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ITAT allowed deduction of membership fees paid by CA firm to JVB university to get students for internship

February 4, 2019[2019] 101 taxmann.com 392 (Kolkata - Trib.)

IT: Where assessee, a chartered Accountant firm, claimed deduction of membership fee paid to Jain Vishva Bharathi on ground that said payment helped it to get bright and meritorious students from said institution to do their internship which in turn helped assessee to carry on day to day business, in absence of any evidence on record showing that bright or meritorious students pursued Articleship and payment of membership fee was really patronized, impugned order rejecting assessee's claim did not require any interference

IT: Where assessee claimed deduction of expenditure incurred for acquiring MBA degree for its existing partner 'A', since these was no evidence on record to show that 'A' having pursued MBA, joined assessee and thereafter, business of assessee increased, impugned order rejecting assessee's claim on ground that expenditure was of personal nature, was to be upheld

IT: Where assessee made payments of registration fee and annual meeting fee to a foreign company 'H' for availing their referral services, since said non-resident body had no Permanent Establishment in India, there was no need to deduct tax at source under section 195 while making payments in question

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