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39 Records
Ind AS 1
Presentation of Financial Statements
Ind AS 2
Ind AS 7
Statement of Cash Flows
Ind AS 8
Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors
Ind AS 10
Events after the Reporting Period
Ind AS 12
Income Taxes
Ind AS 16
Property, Plant and Equipment
Ind AS 19
Employee Benefits
Ind AS 20
Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance
Ind AS 21
The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
Ind AS 23
Borrowing Costs
Ind AS 24
Related Party Disclosures
Ind AS 27
Separate Financial Statements
Ind AS 28
Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures
Ind AS 29
Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies
Ind AS 32
Financial Instruments: Presentation
Ind AS 33
Earnings Per Share
Ind AS 34
Interim Financial Reporting
Ind AS 36
Impairment of Assets
Ind AS 37
Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
Ind AS 38
Intangible Assets
Ind AS 40
Investment Property
Ind AS 41
Ind AS 101
First-Time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards
Ind AS 102
Share-Based Payment
Ind AS 103
Business Combinations
Ind AS 104
Insurance Contracts
Ind AS 105
Non-Current Assets held for Sale and Discontinued Operations
Ind AS 106
Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources
Ind AS 107
Financial Instruments: Disclosures
Ind AS 108
Operating Segments
Ind AS 109
Financial Instruments
Ind AS 111
Joint Arrangements
Ind AS 112
Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities
Ind AS 113
Fair Value Measurement
Ind AS 114
Regulatory Deferral Accounts
Ind AS 110
Consolidated Financial Statements
Ind AS 115
Revenue from Contracts with Customers
Ind AS 116