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18 Records
Applicability of CARO, 2016
Clause I (Part-1)
Fixed Assets
Clause I (Part-2)
Title Deeds of Immovable Properties
Clause II
Clause III
Loans to Parties Covered under Section 189
Clause IV
Section 185 and 186 of the Companies Act, 2013
Clause V
Acceptance of Public Deposits
Clause VI
Maintenance of Cost Records
Clause VII
Payment/non-Payment of Statutory Dues
Clause VIII
Default in Rapayment of Loans
Clause IX
Use of money raised by IPO/FPO/Term Loans
Clause X
Clause XI
Managerial Remuneration
Clause XII
Reporting on Compliances by Nidhi Company
Clause XIII
Related Party Transactions
Clause XIV
Preferential Allotment or Private Place of Shares
Clause XV
Non-cash Transactions with Directors
Clause XVI
Registration of NBFC with RBI